Monday —- Diversion Cut to Ohio River

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Day: 454   Miles Today: 91   Locks Today:  01   Total Miles:  5337   Total Locks: 144

At seven in the morning engines were started and anchors were up.  Out into the Mississippi we went.  Again it was swift.  It looked as though the water had risen overnight which meant more debris would be washed off the banks.  It was a full morning of dodge‘em.  We had 50 miles left of the Mississippi and I looked forward to getting off it.

As we approached the Ohio, I called the first lock master (about 20 miles away) and he said that there was a safe anchorage just below his lock, but that if we could make it we should continue another 21 miles to the second lock and anchor just below it.  That way we could get through the lock in the morning and make it to our destination with no problem.

Then we made the turn into the Ohio.  The red and green markers switch sides because now we were heading upstream on the Ohio.  Out speed changed also.  We went from 12 – 13 mph to 7.2 mph.  It felt like we were crawling.  The goods news however was there was much less debris and the waters were calm.  What a joy.

There were even more barges.   But the good news was that the river was wide, so passing was not a problem.

We continued to the first lock and the wickets were down. (Wicket locks are in the up mode to trap water when the water is low, but when the water is high they don’t need them so they lower them and you float right over the dam. This was great for us; no waiting.

Then by 5:00 we reached the second damn.  To say the least, it was backlogged.  There were about 30 or more towboats with their large loads.  They were staged on either side of the river.  Per the lockmaster’s instructions, we went under the Interstate Bridge and halfway between it and the lock we turned to starboard toward the Kentucky side and eased our way to shore until we were in 10 feet of water, then dropped anchor.  It was a great open anchorage and made for a good sleeping night.

Throughout the day we kept doing engine checks and keeping a sharp eye on the temperature readings for the starboard engine.  It was leaking but the temps never went high.  I am hoping that I just have a gasket leaking, but it needs to be watched  because we could loose the entire engine if it overheats. I have called Green Turtle Bay and asked for a mechanic’s services on Wednesday morning.

Tomorrow we continue up the Ohio then pass the Tennessee River and turn onto the Cumberland River.  It is shorter and more direct to turn up the Tennessee, however the Kentucky Lock at the base of the river is very, very backlogged with commercial traffic and the lockmasters are not known for their cooperation with the pleasure craft. 

We will turn up the Cumberland, go through Barkley Lock and then arrive at Green Turtle Bay Marina.  At least that is the current plan.

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