Wednesday —- Illinois River MM 20 Hardin IL Southbound

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Day: 449   Miles Today: 20   Locks Today:  00   Total Miles:  5077   Total Locks: 141

Well, we ate at Mel’s last night and it was great.  There were nine of us at dinner and they poured on the food.  We all came back to the boat with take home boxes.  And they had home made pies.  Good eating.   They even had a sugar free berry pie for me.    Uhmmm good!

Since it was to be a short day today we all decided to have breakfast at Mel’s  before we departed.  Again, it was way too much.  I was waddling back down to the boat after over eating. We departed as a group with the Emery El in the lead and had a very easy day running down the lower Illinois River.

Our target marina was at Grafton IL and it is at mile mark (MM) 00 on the Illinois River.  As we approached there were two cut through channels from the Mississippi River and the current really picked up.  The Emery El which is an 8.5 to 9.0 mph boat was doing 11 mph as we reached the marina.

The current was strong coming in but we compensated for it and made it safely into the harbor and tied up.  It is a very cute marina with a little general store at the center, a pool, and most important to me, a laundry facility.  I was just about down to the bottom of my clothes stack.  By the end of the day there were six looper boats in the marina so we had a party right on the dock and then went up stairs for some chicken wings and a light supper.

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