Monday —- Illinois River MM 120 Tall Timbers Marina Southbound

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Day: 447   Miles Today: 32   Locks Today:  00   Total Miles:  4989   Total Locks: 140

We had a short day planned today so we did not have to leave early.  However, after we arrived at Tall Timbers, we had four other Looper boats come in and they were docked just behind us which would make it extra difficult for us to depart.

The forecast was for a windy day so when I awoke at dawn and the wind was not yet blowing, I decided it was time to try to make an exit.  I used my trick of the wheel to throw water at the turned rudder to make the back end of the boat move out sideways.  Again and again, and sure enough it worked.  We walked right out to about 50 degrees, straightened our rudders, backed up to the middle of the little harbor, then did a slow power turn with one engine forward and one engine in reverse and pivoted around in a circle to face the entrance to the harbor.  Then out we went starting a new day’s adventure.

By 10:30 a.m. we had reached our destination which was Beardstown Il.  There is no marina, no town docks, just a barge company on the river that allows you to tie up.  No water, no electricity.  Just a dollar a foot!

There is just no where else to stop so by the end of the day the other four boats had joined us on the barge. 

I went up and made friends with the barge company owner by asking him where the pool was?  He finally had to laugh.  Maggie, Gary and I walked up into the town of Beardstown about 5 blocks.  It was small but clean, with a town square.  Unfortunately like all small towns, many of the building were vacant.  And because it was Labor Day the ones that were not vacant were closed for the holiday.  The two pharmacies were closed, the café was closed.  The only place we could find was a little bar, with bikers and retired folk, which only served frozen pizzas.  Oh well!

Back to the boat to make an attempt to get this blog written, edited and pictures attached.  We will have dinner on board, run our generator to charge up the batteries and then retire for the evening.  We need another early start tomorrow for we have about 65 miles and one lock to pass.

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