Friday, Barnegat Light NJ

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Day: 245  Miles: 00   Total Miles: 2889  Locks: 23

Ahoy from beautiful Barnegat Light, NJ.  Technically we are in High Bar Harbour NJ, but more people may relate to Barnegat Light which is just across the water from our slip.  We have a great view of the Barnegat Lighthouse from our boat and can hear the moan of the buoy guarding the inlet.

We have a nice slip, courtesy of Barbara’s cousins Margo and Tommy.  It is the outmost slip in the Yacht Club.  Good news: we are away from any marina noise and have a lot of privacy.  Bad news:  It is about a 300 yard walk (on crutches) from the parking lot to the slip.  Also being at the mouth of the harbor, we occasionally get waked by one or more of the 30 or so large fishing vessels that come and go daily in the channel.  However the Emery EL is so solid, the wakes have not bothered us at all.  In fact they are kind of nice.  We get to watch all of the traffic which makes for great sport.

On Tuesday I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee.  The doctor cut out a torn part of my meniscus and then sent me home to recoup.  It was done under general anesthesia so it took the whole day.  The next day was not fun, but now it is feeling much better.  I am almost ready to do the Irish Jig.   Seriously, I am able to walk around the boat now without cane or crutches.  Just need to take it slow and not overdo it.  I am hoping my medical officer will let me off the boat today.  I sure could use some space.

The doctor was not happy with what he saw inside my knee.  He found much more arthritis then he expected to see.  My follow up appointment is next Wednesday so we will find out more then.

The weather has been real funky while we have been here.  The first four days were extremely foggy and then the rain set in.  Good thing I was bound to the boat.   To make matters worse we found more leaks in the boat from the rain.  In fact every time we touched something we had a problem.  The words “When it rains it pours” brings on new meaning.

Well, just wanted to let all know that we were doing fine.  No use taking up space with the routine, so have a good week and if you are nearby, come visit.

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