Saturday, Baltimore MD to Delaware City DL

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Day: 231  Miles: 71   Total Miles: 2749  Locks: 23

We left at first light and headed out of the Baltimore harbor.  It was really beautiful.  Back into the Chesapeake Bay and turned north.  It was overcast but it did not rain and the seas were calm.  We made good time.  Our goal was to go to Chesapeake City at the entrance to the C&D Canal (Chesapeake and Delaware).  This canal connects the Chesapeake Bay with the Delaware River and the Delaware Bay.  We had made such good time that we decided to continue on through the canal.  But then we had to find a marina to stop at on the Delaware end. 

After cruising through the C&D canal, we turned north on the Delaware River for 2 miles and headed for the Delaware City Marina.  It is on a canal that goes inland to the little town of Delaware City.  We had to go down the channel (very shallow) then turn around in mid canal with just enough room between boats docked and the opposite bank (maybe 6 feet to spare) and then pull in.  However, the current was running over 2 knots and it gave us problems. I powered through a spin successfully but then had to pull into a side tie between two boats.  The dockhand was useless. As I pulled in, he failed to take a tie and our boat is way too heavy to hold my hand.  I failed to get the bow far enough forward and the current started pushing the rear sideways and back.  It ended up pushing our boat over into a sailboat, leaving a scratch on its hull.  We are extremely lucky that is all the damage we did.  I was smart enough to let it touch without trying to power back off or we would have really done some damage.   We pushed off, backed off and tried for the dock again, this time successfully.  I guess I will just chalk this up to another learning lesson and more boat dollars.  I immediately contacted the owner and then patiently waited a couple of hours for him to show up so I could give him my contact information.

Tomorrow we will tackle the run down the Delaware Bay.  After figuring on the tides to get out of this creek, and then, flood versus ebb tides in the Bay and the effect on the winds.  I believe I have it planned out so that it won’t be too rough.  Wish us luck.

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