Monday, St. Michaels MD

June 1st, 2009 john Posted in The Loop (Ft Myers to Winter Harbor NY) | No Comments »

Day: 226  Miles: 00   Total Miles: 2614  

Another day in St. Michaels.  What a beautiful resort community.  We spent the morning doing some boat chores, then went out walking and visited about a million and a half little shops. (At least it felt like it.)  We also had a chance to visit the local Maritime Museum which was very nice.  Afterwards we walked downtown and ate a late lunch in a little open air café.  Just happened to be very good food.

Then back to the boat for an afternoon of leisure.  This is the most expensive marina that we have visited, and they have a special going on which would enable us to stay tomorrow night for free.  But after a lot of thought, we decided to move on tomorrow.  We need to catch up on our schedule, after our long delay in Oriental.

By the way, my knee is doing better.  I am wearing a leg brace and using a cane (sometimes) proactively.  The knee is a bit sore, but nothing like it was.  Let’s just pray it stays that way.

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