Summer of 2008 — Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee

September 15th, 2008 john

It’s been a fun summer spending all of our boat time in the local area.  We have not been doing any long distance cruising so there have been no blog entries.  But here we go trying to get into the swing of things again.

We used the boat this summer for day cruises in the local area.  That way we could entertain and share the boat with some of our friends and out-of-town visitors.  All in all, we were both very busy with previous commitments including several land trips.  In addition there was the effort that goes into getting both the boat and ourselves ready for our planned “Great Loop” voyage.

Barbara has been busy redecorating.  She made new cushion covers for the chairs on the aft cockpit.  Then she tackled the cushions on the fold-out sofa in the salon.  Now she is just finishing the cushions for the other chairs in the salon.  On that front that leaves a new rug for the salon to be selected and then she has to tackle all of the cushions in the pilothouse.  It looks like we are bringing a sewing machine along with us on the trip.

I have been busy getting the boat systems ready.  We have about 8 weeks of maintenance work into the Emery El this summer, including the adding of some new equipment.  Of course it will never end.  If you are interested in what all we have done to her, check out the info on the web site.  Go to, then click on the Emery El tab, and click on “Changes to the boat”.  The list is extensive.

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